10 best episodes you must watch

This is a list for excellent televison content.Even if you don’t follow the entire TV series,you must watch these ten best episodes to survive life.


1.“San Junipero,” Black Mirror , Netflix


The British anthology series has always had a spotty record—for every episode that carries across interesting ideas about the way we live with technology, there’s one that’s thuddingly obvious about a point that doesn’t merit an hour’s consideration. (Sometimes, these perceptive highs coexist in the same episode, or even the same minute, as these belabored sermons.) But in “San Junipero,” which starts off in the 1980s in a party-centric beach town and journeys unimaginably past that premise, technology serves a story that’s more human than anything the show had ever before produced.one of the best episodes of the series undoubtedly.

2. “Meth(od),” High Maintenance, HBO


What was once the web-native series of shorts High Maintenance had a remarkable season on HBO, expanding its running time to half an hour while sacrificing none of its shaggy curiosity. The series, about the clientele of a single marijuana dealer in Brooklyn, was able to dig deeper into stories, like the tale of a young gay man (Max Jenkins) who comes to realize that his relationship with his best friend (Heléne Yorke) is unbearably toxic, but can only replace it with other kinds of drama.

3.Koffee with karan, episode 16,Star world


In the last episode of Koffee With Karan, there was something else brewing (apart from the coffee of course). Kangana Ranuat was on the couch, all guns blazing in classic queen fashion. For the entire running time of the show, she answered question after question, calling out Karan Johar for years of “rejection” and “mockery” she has faced because of many like him.

Watch here: http://www.hotstar.com/tv/koffee-with-karan/1525/saif-kangana-let-it-all-out

4 “Fallen Heroes,” The Carmichael Show, NBC

The Carmichael Show - Season 2

The Cosby Show was so important,” Jerrod Carmichael (played by Jerrod Carmichael) tells his family as they debate the legacy of disgraced comedy icon Bill Cosby. “It made us realize we could go to college. I mean, we didn’t, but we knew we could.” This episode, the strongest, in a terrific season, applied Carmichael’s template of half-hour-long round-robin debate to a topic that cut very close to the bone. Every character in Carmichael’s universe had a strong opinion about Cosby’s misdeeds and his legacy—or several, butting up against each other—and the debates were at once vibrantly hilarious and rightly dispiriting.Cosby’s impact, after all, is ratified by the fact that a sitcom about a black family.

5.Dr.phil’s cash me outside


Danielle says her mother, Barbara Ann, is “crazy,” “overbearing,” and “controlling,” and says she wants her to back off and let her live her life.

“Everything has to be Barbara Ann’s way or no way. She’ll go after me,” claims the 13-year-old.

Watch episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nyUFzNVolG8&t=1s

6. “The Winds of Winter,” Game of Thrones, HBO


“Battle of the Bastards,” the episode that preceded this one, was the series’s most technically accomplished ever, a splashy spectacle that nothing else on TV could hope to match. But the remarkable sequence that led to the destruction of the Sept in this best episodes is, for me, more memorable, marrying almost-painful tension with rapid plot development. This episode’s growing sense that the gears of Game of Thrones are finally clicking into place for an endgame was crowned by a remarkable final shot.

 7.Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah – तारक मेहता – Episode 1860


Jethalal is feeling the urge to have a cup tea but as Daya had to leave early, so she was unable to prepare it for Jethalal. However,now Jethalal thought that it’s better to have a cup of tea in Tarak’s house but on reaching there his intention went into vain. As Anjali has completely denied serving tea to Tarak but was ready to prepare it for Jethalal. Moreover; considering the situation Jethalal thought that it would not be wise to have a cup of tea in front of his best friend Tarak!

8.“Hope,” Black-ish, ABC


An acquittal of a cop in a fictional racially-motivated misconduct case sets off the action of this episode, sophisticated even by Black-ish’s high standard. The debates that ensue among the Johnson family—over whether to raise children with hope or fear, over whether to protest or avoid rocking the boat—feel only more relevant now than they did when the episode aired in February. The episode manages to deal in granular detail with concerns many families face, all while shrewdly managing to use each character to their best comic effect.best episodes of all times.

10. “Fish Out of Water,” BoJack Horseman, Netflix


The year’s best episodes of television was a stand-alone escape from harsh reality that proved reality always finds its way to catch you. BoJack (Will Arnett), the protagonist of this animated series, is a Hollywood actor forced to go to an undersea film festival to promote a film he’s lost enthusiasm for. Underwater, his inability to communicate with anyone is made literal—the episode, thanks to his restricting diving helmet, is practically a silent film—and attempts at forming a nonverbal connection with abandoned seahorse babies he rescues is only a temporary distraction.


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